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At Zen 4 Law, we have experience handling nursing home abuse. It is our experience and caring approach that help us excel with this type of case.

Nursing home abuse is a horrible act which affects people who are the most vulnerable in our society. Sadly, the elderly and infirmed are not always given the respect and care they deserve. This often results in a claim for nursing home abuse.

If someone is injured by the actions of a nursing home employee, the facility may be held liable for damages. Damages in a case for nursing home abuse may include past and future medical expenses. They may also include scarring, disability, and pain and suffering.

There are several grounds for bringing a claim for nursing home abuse. A nursing home is required to hire qualified personnel. It must perform checks to ensure an employee has no history of abuse. The nursing home may be found liable if it does not hire qualified personnel and residents get hurt.

Further, many nursing homes are understaffed. This can be very dangerous for residents. When facilities lack a proper staff to resident ratio, staff can become stressed. They often lose a sense of empathy and compassion for those in their care. Facilities that are understaffed can be liable for nursing home abuse if a resident suffers injury or death.

When someone abuses or takes advantage of you, it isn’t a reflection of something wrong with you.

It’s a reflection of a character flaw present within that person.

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Nursing homes are also required to protect their residents from acts by third parties within the facility. The nursing home may be found liable for nursing home abuse if it fails to prevent such an incident.

Inadequate training of nursing home personnel is another instance giving rise to nursing home abuse. Individuals in nursing homes also have the right to dignity, autonomy, and privacy within the facility. The nursing home may be found liable if an employee violates one of these rights.

Nursing homes may also be found liable for giving a resident the wrong medicine or dose. Nursing homes are required to give medication in the manner prescribed. When a person is injured as a result of a medication error, they may seek damages from the physician, pharmacy, or the nursing home itself.

If you or someone you love has been the victim of nursing home abuse, contact Zen 4 Law to learn about your legal options. At Zen 4 Law, we feel deeply for those who are injured while in a nursing home. We strongly believe that the elderly and infirmed of our society deserve the utmost respect and attention.

We are ready to help right the wrongs committed by nursing homes.

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