Florida Bullying Law

Bullying is now receiving more attention via Florida bullying law. We understand Florida bullying law and are uniquely suited to address cases involving bullying.

Bullying used to be thought of as a part of growing up, a phase that children outgrew. As research has shown, however, the effects of bullying can be long lasting. That’s why Florida bullying law is starting to address these issues. According to researchers at Duke Medicine, children who are bullied are at risk of developing anxiety disorders. They also suffer from depression and can have suicidal thoughts. Later on in life, these same children can become bullies. A child who was both a victim and later on a bully, is prone to higher levels of anxiety and depression. They can have suicidal thoughts. They can also have anxiety and panic disorders. Bullies themselves are also at risk for antisocial personality disorder.

As per Florida bullying law, bullying can be a criminal offense. In cases of involving abuse or assault, teachers and parents may contact law enforcement to request an investigation. Teachers and parents may also report incidents involving repeated harassment of a victim. Bullies can also be held civilly liable for the damage they inflict on their victims as per Florida bullying law. Additionally, parents of bullying victims can hold schools, teachers, and staff members at fault. Even if the bully or school is not charged with a criminal offense, the offense can result in monetary damages paid to the victim.

It is essential that bullying is addressed promptly. The effects of bullying can be devastating to a child’s health, self-confidence, and mental well-being. Bullying can be a humiliating experience for children. They may be uncomfortable confiding in parents or other trusted adults. Additionally, children may fear retaliation from the bully, further social isolation, and being seen as weak.

Bullies are really powerless individuals who lack self-confidence on the inside.

Instead of addressing their own faults and foibles, bullies focus on bringing others down by exhibiting a false sense of power on the outside.

When a bully attempts to “power trip” you, short-circuit them by cutting their power off at the source.

Say, bye bye to bullies!

Nikki Kavouklis Attorney, Author, Inspirational Speaker

At Zen 4 Law, we offer a compassionate approach to working with you and your child. Bullying can leave victims feeling hopeless, out of control, and with depleted self-confidence. This is why we believe our approach can be a healing experience. We focus on the legal matters at hand. We also help to address the emotional needs of your child.

Many adults face bullying in the workplace as well. Just like playground bullies, workplace bullies target those individuals they perceive as weak. They focus on disabled, pregnant, or elderly employees or coworkers. When a bully targets a victim on the basis of disability, religion, gender, race, or age, they may be engaging in unlawful discrimination. Florida’s anti-stalking statute may also provide protection to some victims of bullying.

If you or a loved one has been a victim of bullying at school or in the workplace, contact Zen 4 Law today to discuss Florida bullying law. We want to help you take back your life. We want to uplift and inspire you to move forward with your life.