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Attorney Nikki Kavouklis is a defective drug lawyer who has handled a number of cases involving defective drugs such a Fen-Phen, Vioxx, Baycol, and Zyprexa.

She has also handled cases involving hormone replacement therapy in which women developed breast cancer.

Attorney Kavouklis, a defective drug lawyer, understands the importance of providing clients with competent legal representation when hiring a defective drug lawyer. She has a compassionate, caring approach to client care when handling these types of cases. She knows the effects of taking a defective drug can be serious and life changing.

When someone takes a prescription drug, they expect the drug to be safe. Unfortunately, prescription drugs can sometimes cause more harm than good. While some side effects of taking a drug can be expected, some patients are given drugs that result in severe side effects including loss of life. If that has occurred, you need to seek the advice of a defective drug lawyer.

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When injury of loss of life occurs, it is often the result of a drug being put on the market too soon. The drug has not been tested long enough to determine complications. Other times, drugs are kept on the market when the drug companies know of dangerous side effects. Drug companies fail to pull them off the shelves favoring profit over safety. The drug companies see injury and loss of life as being numbers punched into a computer program which are then weighted against sales. In other words, if a drug is big seller, sales outweigh injury or loss of life. The drug stays on the market.

Drug companies are also tightly linked with the FDA, calling into question the validity of any research performed on a drug.

Attorney Kavouklis is passionate as a defective drug lawyer. While she knows certain drugs must be taken to prevent illness or loss of life, she also feels that drug companies and doctors are over prescribing. She has seen this time and time when her clients come into her office with a long list of drugs they are taking. Many of the drugs they are taking are harmful when taken together.

If you have been the victim of a defective drug, contact Zen 4 Law today to schedule a free consultation. We are ready to help you with your legal needs.

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