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“To love a rescue animal is to see the beauty in an animal someone else didn’t want.”

Nikki Kavouklis, Attorney and Animal Advocate

Nikki has always had a passion for animal rescue and Florida animal advocacy. Dating as far back as nursery school, she spent her days rescuing lizards and frogs from the family driveway. Over the past twenty years, she has extended her rescue efforts to include cats, dogs, a possum, several baby squirrels, and a dozen or so birds. She once rescued a large bird who was injured on U.S. Highway 19 in Palm Harbor.

Nikki has rescued, sponsored for adoption, and transported several hundred dogs and cats from around the world and in her own community. She has adopted several rescue dogs and a various number of cats, all of whom reside with her on her estate located in Tarpon Springs, Florida. She has also helped a number of rescues in understanding Florida animal advocacy laws.

All of Nikki’s personal animals came into her life during her journey of self-discovery beginning November 19, 2006. On that day, she rescued her very first dog from a parking lot in Holiday. As Nikki says,

“The day I rescued my first dog, I discovered my soul. It’s been an incredible journey ever since.”

From that day forward, Nikki became more involved with animal rescue and Florida animal advocacy laws.

Nikki animals have had a positive, healing influence on her life. They have also helped to increase her creative pursuits as well as breathe new life into her law practice. The compassion Nikki exhibits with her animals is woven into every aspect of her practice. Nikki treats her clients the same caring way she treats her animals.

From the moment a client walks in the door, the entire Zen 4 Law family is committed to providing competent legal services. Everyone is committed to helping clients feel uplifted and inspired throughout the pendency of their cases.

Contact Zen 4 Law today for a free consultation. Get ready to be uplifted and inspired. Nikki and her staff are ready to help you take back your life.

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