Vicki Hull

Vicki joined the Zen 4 Law family January 15, 2001, after sending her resume over the law firm’s fax machine. Originally hailing from Philadelphia, Vicki has worked as a legal assistant for over thirty-three years, bringing with her an extensive knowledge of personal injury claims.

Vicki always goes the extra mile to provide excellent care and service to clients. Over the past fourteen years, Vicki has logged thousands of miles traveling to meet with clients at one of the law firm’s additional locations. She not only interviews new clients, but works their case from the time they first enter our doors through the time of trial.

In addition to her work at Zen 4 Law, Vicki is a certified Reiki instructor and former music teacher. Her passions include dancing, visiting her family, and spending time with partner Dave, and their two rescue cats, Tallulah (the firm’s former office cat) and Rascal. Vicki is a constant reminder to all of us in the Zen 4 Law family to always live life to the fullest and with an open heart.

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